Merry Christmas Always

Santa's Joy From the Children

Dear Santa,
I have tried to be a good girl this year. So I was just going to tell you what I want for Christmas .. P.S. tell all the Reindeer I said 'Hi.' I will leave them some carrots. On Christmas Eve.

Love, Rachael

For my four Dogs Jo-Jo wanta a new swaater. and some Alpo Dog food.BanDit wants to see you Santa. he would like some Alpo Dog food. Max wants would Like a Litte Baby sweater for x-mas. Wayne would Like some toys. ans a brand new sweater.
Merry Christmas.

Martha Ann

On one very tiring day for Santa, a precious little 4-year-old looked up into Santa's eyes, and in this quiet,
angelic voice,

"What does Santa Claus want for Christmas?"

Renewed instantly, Santa continued on his journeys, feeling as if he had just had a WONDERFUL nap!


hi santa hi hi hi i had to much sugar all i want for x-mas is to be an elf and i no u can do that cuz u can do anything cuz ur the bestest person eva i love u bye

"I see all these Santa Clauses out there . . .

Are you the Real One?

Dear Santa; Did Rudolph leave his paw print at the Village Toy shop?
dear Santa my friend and I were wondering if you pronounce one of your reindeers names Donner or Donder. and Have a very Merry Christmas
HaHaHa i love you santa i wish i could be you one day hohoho

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