Santa with Elf Visit With Santa In Person

Locations and Times Where Parents Can Bring Their Children To Visit With Santa

This year I will be helping out Speedway Children's Charities at Speedway in Lights at the Bristol Motor Speedway. I will be there on eight evenings split between November and December.
The days and dates I will be there are; Sat., Nov. 15; Sun., Nov. 16; Sun., Nov. 23; Wed., Nov. 26; Thurs., Dec. 4; Sun., Dec. 7; Wed., Dec. 10; and Thurs., Dec. 11.





Santa's Special Friends and Associates

Santa works with many organizations and agencies throughout the year to try and bring joy and hope where and when he can. Some of those include:

Native American Church Trust, The Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Johnson City, Tenn., adjacent to the Johnson City Medical Center. I also visit with the children at the St. Jude Tri-Cities Affiliate Clinic at the same location, along with a number of agencies throughout the Mountain Empire, including, Highlands Community Services, Frontier Health, United Way, Girls Inc., Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, among many others.

A Special Word From Santa Claus

Dear Santa;

                "I can explain..."

The joy, magic and wonderment of children and their simple truths, this is the world of Santa Claus.

Known by many names, Saint Nicholas, Père Noël, Sinter Claus, Bobo Natale, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost, Kris Kringle and most commonly . . . Santa Claus, his spirit has been around for a very long time. Rooted in histories and cultures around the world, this powerful iconic image carries a very sacred connection to children everywhere. For Santa Claus, this trust, and the safety and security of children, is always first and foremost; paramount above all else.

This site is dedicated to that trust and the real magic in the Spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Always!

                   S. C.